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>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blessed China gave us so many gifts--one of which is a great music collection. Free, legal downloads (really, truly legal, licensed!), were heaven-sent.

One of the added benefits is that Sam has access to a great range of music. Tonight he wanted to listen to music together while we did the dishes and then danced. He picked the songs. Here's the playlist:

Shakira, This Time for Africa
Ella Fitzgerald, I'm a Poached Egg
Linkin Park, New Divide (Please note: that's the only Linkin Park song we have!)
J. Geils Band, Love Stinks
K'Naan, Wavin' Flag
The Presidents of the United States, Video Killed the Radio Star
LMNT, Juliet

This list is a little heavy on the dance/rock side. He's also got lots of other stuff in his favorites folder. Yo Yo Ma, Cat Stevens, and the King's Singers are favorites. And he has been especially taken with Scott Joplin at times. Oh, and R.E.M. How can I forget R.E.M.?!

Here are a few links to his very favorites:

Ella Fitzgerald, I'm a Poached Egg (after which he always says, she has SUCH a good voice.)
Ashes of Time with Yo Yo Ma. (Please just listen to the music, I can't find it without a trailer/words)
Cat Stevens, Matthew and Son

I think good music is a gift that comes in all forms. I'm so glad that Sam has such varying tastes and that he can experiment and find what is good. I think I'll always smile at the Linkin Park Ella transition.


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